Circular beauty is the new trend that is taking the beauty and personal care market by storm and here is what you need to know about it.

This trend is not only saving the planet but also saving your skin too.

What do we mean? Well, this process is essentially the act of making ‘waste’ products into new eco-conscious and friendly products. Think along the lines of even some companies using discarded coffee, fruit and vegetables and turning it into a luscious soaps, masks or cleansers.

Zero waste concept

We see this trend bringing these types of ingredients and others onto their production lines and making the much needed change to revolutionise the beauty standards and allow the ingredients to last much longer whilst having a positive effect on the eco-system.

The WWF says in South Africa, a third of all the food is never consumed and ends up at rubbish dumps. But imagine a future generation that could be saved from a food crisis, if these waste products ended up being used in more circular ways, we could cut down the methane gas and carbon dioxide levels spewing from our landfills at a more successful rate.

Circular beauty sees the trend also moving into zero-waste, sustainable packaging and even the idea of returning packaging for re-fills in stores. The idea of re-use could drastically change the pollution rate of the landfills around the world. We need to fight against the use of overconsumption and promote better solutions as we move forward from 2022.

We at Cirebelle believe it is possible to have a luxurious brand, be sustainable and make a positive impact on the economy and the people who live in it.

Learn more about our circular beauty ingredients in our pdf version.

Choose a brighter and cleaner tomorrow, today.