How are safe synthetics defined & what are their applications?

For a large percentage of consumers, the term ‘’synthetic’’ is still synonymous with a negative perception of being ‘’bad’’ to use. This reputation may be justified in some instances, however, in reality, this is not the case for many favorable synthetic ingredients.  

How are synthetics defined? They are ingredients that are not derived from natural sources but are instead, created in a laboratory. Some are designed to be nature-identical (providing an alternative to limited natural resources) while others are imbued with additional properties, providing solutions to formulation challenges. 

The number and variety of engineered personal care ingredients are countless. Our aim is to debunk the common misconceptions regarding synthetics and to highlight the benefits of using safe synthetics in formulation, concentrating on our CireWax product range.

Engineered synthetic ingredients are not inherently poor quality or harmful to skin, or the environment. In contrast, natural ingredients e.g. Lemon grass or Jasmine oil, are known to cause skin irritation. This begs the question, are all naturals safe? 

It’s important to consider the use of various types of ingredients in a formulation. Creating consumer awareness regarding “safe” ingredients, requires technical data, to support these claims. 

Cirebelle utilizes the EWG’s scale, with a rating of 1, which represents the safest score for non-hazardous elements. Providing data to support the claim of safe synthetic is key.

CireWax can be used in hair, face, body, and cosmetic applications, safe for use in adult or baby care. Not only is it a high-performing ingredient but it also provides structure & texture, with a smooth matte finish. Due to its straight hydrocarbon chain molecular structure, it is easy to blend and is chemically inert, eliminating reactions with other formulation ingredients.

Cirebelle’s R&D team conducts robust quality control checks, ensuring the safety of our products. While we do offer natural ingredients under the CireNat banner, we understand the need for high-quality synthetic products, that offer performance & stability benefits and still meet the requirements of skin-loving, safe, ingredients. 

In conclusion, not all synthetics are ‘’bad’’ and not all naturals are ‘’good’’. It requires time and research to understand the uses and benefits of each ingredient.

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