Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis

Waxes of Exceptional Purity

Using our Analytical Service’s best-in-class testing instruments, we can provide qualified Certificates of Analysis (COA). Issued for quality assurance, Certificates of Analysis confirm that our products meet the necessary product specification.

At Cirebelle, we understand that chemical testing and analysis is crucial for regulatory compliance, thus, we offer our customers a range of analytical services to help them understand the quality as well as the composition of chemical substances and materials that are used in products.

Advanced Analytical Instrumentation

Objective analytical tests

Using our advanced analytical instrumentation and a combination of techniques, we can carry out objective analytical tests of various raw materials on behalf of customer to ensure that their products meet the product specification. The raw materials are tested in our laboratory for critical parameters that influence the performance and quality of the final product. Once the independent tests have been conducted and confirmed, our team of experts provides the customer with a Certificate of Analysis.

Bespoke Testing

Our bespoke testing service, built around customer need.

This means our Analytical Services team is capable of service requirements in line with customer demands.

With our state-of-the-art laboratory you can rely on us to test your raw material.

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