Cirebelle Blends

Cirebelle Blends

Wax Blends are Cirebelle’s Speciality

We have the capacity to manufacture standard and custom wax blends.

We offer a range of emulsions and blends designed to help customers in various industries take advantage of the unique properties of wax, making our products more valuable to end-users.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that we consistently meet their requirements and provide the solution that they need for their unique application requirements. Whether it’s creating a new blend or matching an existing one.

Cirebelle collaborates closely with the customer to formulate a high-quality custom wax blend that performs in a specific way and produces superior results.

CireBase LB55

LB55 is a blend of naturally derived  ingredients and the Classic CireWax.

The CireWax 40 made from biodegradable and safe synthetic wax, adds stability and hydration properties to the formulation.

Based on the CireWax clinical studies.

Synthetic wax offers luxurious benefits while imparting gloss to the formulation and smooth texture to the skin.


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