Safe synthetic wax

OUR SAFE SYNTHETIC WAX CALLED CireWax TM is derived from the Fischer-Tropsch natural gas-to-liquid
process, that provides emulsion stability, and sensory effects, acts as thickening agents and rheology modifiers.


40 – 43°C

Possesses very low melting point – just above body temperature. In creams and lotions, it offers a unique skin feel, excellent spreading and good film forming properties. A good product for use in skin care and hair care.


55 – 62°C

CireWaxTM 55 was specifically developed as an ingredient for hair relaxers. Excellent performance. Assists in ease of manufacture (no homogenization is required). Also, an ideal emollient for skin – body -care. In sun-care it imparts water resistance.


61 – 67°C

Highly economical wax used in a variety of applications ranging from skin to hair care (hair relaxers). In o/w emulsions it is used effectively to improve the gloss and whiteness of the emulsion, in addition to providing an elegant skin feel.


79 – 84°C

High melting wax (80°C). Offering exceptional benefits to skincare products. In stick formulations, it replaces waxes like Carnauba and Candelilla. Imparting temperature stability, strength and hardness.


91 – 96°C

High melting wax (90°C). Tasteless and odourless. Very good for lip product applications. Provides hardness and strength to stick formulations without imparting a waxy feel or taste on application.

Key Features

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