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Specialists in the creation of high performance and sustainable ingredients in the personal care industry.

We are inspired by the elements, intrigued by their chemistry, excited about the possibilities and, most of all, determined to produce the very best products in a sustainable, community-focused-fashion.


Why Cirebelle?

Over the last 21 years, our company has been progressive and dedicated to implementing the continuous transformation, of a successful and sustainable business. Cirebelle is excited to share some highlights & success stories, following successful partnerships with committed collaborators, towards achieving our 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Facts about our products


Exfoliating Spheres - Love at first scrub

Cirebelle’s effective Exfoliating Spheres are smooth, perfectly spherical exfoliators that guarantee gentle exfoliation whenever they are used. Exfoliation helps the skin to look smooth and radiant while imparting a softer and supple feel. Exfoliation removes the outer layers of dull, dead cells on the foremost layer of the skin, restoring the skin’s glow by removing dead skin without causing micro-tears in the skin, leaving the skin looking visibly radiant.

In addition to their therapeutic properties, Cirebelle’s exfoliating spheres enhance a product’s visual attractiveness, with a variety of colours available for customers to choose from to suit their brand or product.

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Our Products

Cirebelle is a proudly South African company that works to combine our best

natural and safe synthetic ingredients with the very best in science and manufacturing processes.

We create beautiful products in an ethical manner that can be enjoyed around the world.

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