Traditionally, the term ‘’waterless beauty’’ referred to products that don’t contain water. Originating in Korea, this practice evolved more for its skin benefits, than as a conservation effort. 

Regardless of the reason, the push toward low water consumption in personal care continues to gain traction, as the detrimental effects of climate change become more critical.

As top brands focus on developing water-free products, replacing water in formulations with oils or dry options (where water is added to use) new products are becoming more effective, as ingredients are less diluted. 

The waterless product trend allows manufacturers to offer more compact, lighter products, which require less packaging, also reducing their carbon footprint in logistics terms. Waterless products are further advantageous in retaining a longer shelf-life, making them more affordable.

In addition to product performance benefits, manufacturers are supporting sustainability efforts by conserving natural resources and employing more sustainable business practices, regarding ingredient sourcing, packaging, logistics & shelf life.

According to UNICEF, over 2 billion people live in water-stressed countries, which are also expected to be exacerbated in some regions because of climate change and population growth. Therefore, the demand to create waterless and eco-friendly products is on the rise to protect the ecosystem.

CireWax plays an important role in waterless formulations as this product allows formulators to use less water in their prototypes. CireWax gives structure to solid formulations, helps with rheology and due to its hydrophobic nature works very well to keep the structure in bar formulation even after use.

Its inert nature allows for it to be used in various formulations in combination with many other ingredients. The wax also imparts great final properties to products for example skin hydration and film forming.

In the end, brands are starting to opt for more sustainable ways to create new formulations in the market, and Cirebelle stands firm in the belief in creating a better tomorrow, today by showcasing our sustainable products and the benefits they offer in all trends new and old.