If you are looking for a natural alternative to love at first scrub, our CireNat Rice Bran Spheres are gentle enough for all skin types.

They are available in various cut sizes and colours to match your brands aesthetic feel.

Our Exfoliating Spheres, are produced from our CireNat Rice Bran Wax.

We are excited to talk about our natural sphere range for today’s ingredient spotlight and share what makes the ingredient a little more special than any other exfoliant you may find in the personal care market.

Cirebelle’s CireNat Rice Bran Exfoliating Spheres are manufactured from a sustainably sourced by-product of Rice production. By up-cycling, this readily biodegradable, natural product, we offer formulators an effective, green, gentle-exfoliating solution. 

Shamrock green exfoliating spheres

Perfectly spherical in shape, the CireNat Rice Bran Wax Spheres offer a safer alternative, both in application and environment, to exfoliants with rough or jagged particles, i.e. preventing micro-tears and premature aging, caused by harsh exfoliants.

When used in facial cleansing gels and face scrubs, our exfoliating spheres help to create a glow on the surface of the skin as they remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate cell regeneration. Using exfoliating spheres in skin care formulations is also said to reduce pores and blackheads without drying the skin when used in conjunction with moisturising and nourishing ingredients such as vitamin B5 and other moisturising ingredients.

So, if you are looking to use an up-cycled, eco-friendly ingredient in your product range get in touch with us and start formulating the right way, today. Request your sample by emailing us at: info@cirebelle.com

Or Download Cirebelle’s Circular Beauty Ingredients – and find out more about which products fall into this category that you would like to request as samples.

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