Our Products

Our Products

Innovative wax-based solutions

Cirebelle Fine Chemicals is a leading South African chemistry-led manufacturer and global supplier of innovative wax-based solutions for the personal care industry. Cirebelle has evolved into a thriving research and development-driven innovator that produces best-in-class wax ingredient and exfoliants for Personal Care solutions and formulations.

The waxes produced by Cirebelle Fine Chemicals are derived from both natural resources as well as through the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) natural gas-to-liquid process. These waxes form part of Cirebelle’s CireNat and CireWax portfolio of waxes.

Our versatile waxes are used primarily in the Personal Care industry, but other applications and innovations are consistently being explored and innovated upon.


Cirebelle waxes are derived from natural resources, such as Rice Bran and Beeswax, as well as from Fischer-Tropsch (FT), forming our CireNatTM and CireWaxTM Classic portfolio of waxes.


Cirebelle’s effective Exfoliating Spheres are smooth, perfectly spherical exfoliators that guarantee gentle exfoliation whenever they are used.


Cirebelle’s SoftSpheresTM are advanced, self-hydrating wax spheres capable of encapsulating oils, extracts and active ingredients inside a wax matrix


Inspired by Africa and produced in partnership with local farmers, Cirebelle has identified a range of high-performing botanical actives with distinctive qualities and chemical profiles, sourced from the extraordinary diversity of our continents’ flora.


Wax blends are Cirebelle’s speciality, offered as a service or a product offering. We have the capacity to manufacture standard and custom wax blends, and supply them in an array of final forms, like powders, moulds, poured-in or pastilles.

Analytical Services

Cirebelle offers analytical services to the personal care and chemical industry using advanced instrumentation for a variety of techniques. These services which are performed to industry best-practice in a state-of-the-art laboratory facility, offer a sound platform for raw material testing and overall product quality formulation.